Executive Search and Talent Advisory


We have a unique view of the market and gather intelligence for our clients across.

Market Mapping

Our dedicated research team undertake bespoke mapping projects for institutions within our key verticals. We build organisational charts for our clients detailing the role each individual performs within these teams as well as their previous backgrounds.

Competitor Analysis

We undertake specific competitor analysis projects for our clients. We produce company-specific and industry-wide competitor analysis reports including team design and structure, how they onboard and incentivise, as well as tracking their push into new markets.

Compensation and Salary Benchmarking

We can give our clients access to compensation levels within specific teams and institutions through our Compensation and Salary Benchmarking solution. This information is sourced through a variety of research methods and includes accurate data on basic salaries, bonuses, carry & long-term incentives as well as broader benefits.

Diversity Analysis

We produce diversity statistics and studies for clients so that they have an accurate picture of their gender and diversity balance when compared to their competitors.

Team Build and Moves

We provide upfront advice to clients that are embarking on a new market or geography. These projects commence with detailed context on how existing players in this space are structured as well as a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of different strategies or locations; we follow these projects through to the onboarding of new employees to establish these new ventures.

Please contact Will Invine to discuss intelligence projects and talent advisory services.